Top 1 Best Breffo Digital Cameras

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Breffo Digital Camera

1. Breffo ACK-W Breffo Digital Camera

Breffo ACK-W First Impressions

"Lots of freebies."

The case was good, and the flash drives are good. Users need to be open-minded and find new ways to use the Breffo ACK-W. The flash can be overpowered rather than the subtle fill. Does wonderfully with night shots handheld. The Breffo ACK-W is an awesome camera as most already know.

  • Breffo Adventure Camera Kit with Flexible Tripod - White
  • Camera Tripod - As possibly the most versatile Camera Tripod in the world, the 'Breffo Adventure Camera Kit' securely attaches to virtually any surface in any position, allowing far more versatility than a standard camera tripod.
  • Revolutionary Bike Camera Mount for all digital cameras.
  • The¬†Adventure Camera Kit¬†Body, with advanced soft touch rubber coating, protects the camera or camcorder while providing a very secure grip and hold on both camera and whatever surface or location positioned.
  • Works with all digital camera fitted with the standard 1/4in Screw thread
  • The Camera tripod attaches to most every camera, camcorder, or action cam available via a patented adaptor with standard 1/4 screw which fits most every device.
  • Manufacturer warranty may not apply
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Breffo ACK-W
  • Battery Life
  • Picture Quality
  • Picture Quality
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Breffo ACK-W Final Thoughts

"Double & triple boxed."

Start up and shut down is quick. The flash feels lighter than my Andoer flash for my other camera. But, this fps was rather limited. Since this is a new camera not all Breffo accessories will work. I doubled down and ordered a second body.

Overall Score

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