Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Luxli Digital Camera

1. Luxli Timpani-1x1 Luxli Digital Camera

Luxli Timpani-1x1 First Impressions

"You guessed it, buy this."

It wont replace a DSLR but it comers pretty close. Mid-afternoon typically required swapping in a charged battery. But overall It is worth to buy and I totally recommend you to buy this bundle. The burst rate is pretty good, and the image stabilization is superb. The lens adapter works seamlessly with no performance penalty.

  • Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGBAW LED Light -
  • Comes with 150 Digital Gel Filters already loaded in, which include Chromakey Green and Blue presets; each filter can be applied to any color temperature
  • Set your white balance, and select between 150 Lee-equivalent digital gels remotely with the user-intuitive Conductor mobile app for iOS and Android via Bluetooth
  • Luxli Timpani LED color light, you don’t just save money but you won’t be spending hours of hauling and setting up heavy gear; can run on battery or AC power via the 4-pin XLR input
  • Only 1.4 inches thick and weighs less than 7 pounds; lightweight and compact combination makes the Timpani easy to transport and store
  • Includes a sturdy all-metal yoke with a 5/8-inch receiver for convenient light-stand mounting; also features tilt control and height adjustment
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Luxli Timpani-1x1
  • Battery Life
  • Picture Quality
  • Ease Of Use
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Luxli Timpani-1x1 Final Thoughts

"The grip is a bit larger."

Personally, I preferred it to have a wider lens, say 28mm equivalent. Its small and very comfortable to hold and use, which is great cuz I have small hands. I haven't tried the macro shots yet, but will update this review when I get too. I am so impressed with this Luxli Timpani-1x1! I get great photos, and it does not take long to import them to my laptop.

Overall Score

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