Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Drift Innovation Video Camera

1. Drift Innovation 51-004-01 Drift Innovation Video Camera

Drift Innovation 51-004-01 First Impressions

"The features are great."

It is easy to mount the Drift Innovation on and it stays in place. The device itself is fabulous. So I definitely like this Drift Innovation Video Camera as well. Cannot tell the difference from the two that came with it. I may have to pick up a second one at this price!

  • Drift Innovations Silicon Skin for HD Drift - White
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Drift Innovation 51-004-01
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Drift Innovation 51-004-01 Final Thoughts

"Battery life is not tested."

This action camera is amazing for the price! Here's a few underwater pictures from my trip! The quality is decent for the size. I especially like it simplified design. Amazing video quality and from something so small.

Overall Score

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