Top 1 Best iMusk Video Cameras

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite iMusk Video Camera

1. iMusk iMusk Video Camera

iMusk First Impressions

"He had a blast."

The iMusk is well built, and the controls work well. I would definitely buy this one again! It works perfectly with no problems, indoors, outdoors. You have to charge the batteries with a laptop or computer. The camera on this thing is awesome.

  • iMusk Anti-dust Carry Case Protective Storage Bag for DJI CrystalSky Monitor Display (For 5.5 inch)
  • Designed specifically for protecting DJI CrystalSky monitor.
  • Material: Wool Felt(3mm).
  • Size: Can fit one monitor and one battery.
  • Package includes: 1 X Storage bag for CrystalSky
  • Editor's Impressions Of The iMusk
  • Video Quality
  • Picture Quality
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

iMusk Final Thoughts

"What can I say?"

The quality that this offers far exceeds the cost. Some reason the App doesn't work with a pixel 2 phone. Now l have all kinds of parts and extra batteries. Very durable for a beginner to crash lots of times. I can press the button again and continue the flight.

Overall Score

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